A Tough Way to Make a Living

 A  Tough Way to Make a Living. 


Business As any writer of any kind already knows, it can be seriously tough to get a start as a professional writer and even tougher to make a good living at it.  Stephen King did not get rich in a day, nor did he just suddenly walk into fame and success!  Neither did any other successful writer for that matter!  Rumor has it the J. K. Rowling was a single mother and waitress when she started the Harry Potter books. The thing is, though, that with the right effort and the right combination of tools, you can succeed as a professional writer and you can use the internet to help you get there! One of the most useful tools I have found so far is called a paywall plugin.  This simple tools is just a few lines of Java that you can “plug in” to your website.  It puts a digital content subscription system into your website – whatever that website happens to be.  The best paywalls also include a friendly, easy to use system that allows you to track all your sites statistics in one simple place – your readers and their subscription accounts, your monetary records, and more. Let us take a closer look at how you can use digital content subscriptions to improve your success, and your income, from your writing career: Probably the easiest writing path to use subscriptions for is that of the professional blogger.  There is a lot of variety available in digital content subscriptions for blogs.  You could give readers a free allotment of articles that they can read for free – when they reach that limit, they have to subscribe.  You could also create a premium content section that requires a subscription -  this could be your archived articles or a series of guest posts or a special series you are doing.  These approaches would also work nicely for an e-zine or newsletter arrangement. If you are a novelist instead, you might have to get a bit more creative to use digital content subscriptions on your site but, it is still quite possible.  Since you do not want to just give away the novels that have taken you years to write, you could offer a subscription for short stories or personal illustrations or even a newsletter that gives your readers exclusive information.  You could even create some sort of coupon based subscription.  The point is that even for a novelist, you can find ways to use digital content subscriptions to boost your income. A writing career is difficult enough to get started in without ignoring amazing tools such as these paywall solutions!  Give it a try!  You might be pleasantly surprised at how much better your career is doing after a while with a ready-made digital content subscription!

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